INSPIRE 2020 – Conference Agenda

You know the feeling… You started your business with this incredible vision, and somehow it got away from you. You seem to spend your days putting out fires and now you’d love to press the pause button, map out your goals, plan for the future, and grow the company to reach its full potential. You’re not alone, this is something many business owners struggle with and we decided to do something about it!

Join us at a conference like no other – it’s time to experience actionable workshops and get hands-on in understanding how to build and grow your business.  INSPIRE attendees will experience focus driven workshops and INSPIRing keynotes!

INSPIRE 2020 will take place in San Antonio, TX! 
Our host location is Launch SA, in the heart of downtown, near the Riverwalk. 

Start your conference off right!

Business Builder Kick-Off
Monday, January 27 at 6pm
Let’s dive into understanding WHY this business and then learn how to turn your WHY into HOW it serves you and better yet, how it serves your target customer.  This knowledge is often key in your business growth opportunity.  By attending this event, you will have the ability for early check-in for the conference.  All admission levels are invited to attend!!

“Root of Business”

Let’s start here together!
Let’s build your 2020 business path!

Conference Day’s

Tuesday, Day One of Conference, January 28th
What if you had the opportunity to Focus on defining your vision, connecting with your customers and growing your sales through Brand Messaging and Marketing, and specifically working on your Vision and Pitch? This is your day one of crafting your 2020 success!

Wednesday, Welcome to Day Two, January 29th
Strategy & Growth where we’ll teach you how to plan for the future, fill in the blanks of your organization, and set goals and milestones to achieve growth! Join us for Networking Night at INSPIRE 2020, a chance for all ticketed attendees to deepen your conference connections.

Thursday, Conclusion Day,
January 30th
After all that planning, it’s time to take action in your business. Today you are working insight into negotiating, outsourcing, legal considerations, and in our mentor driven small group breakout working lunch, you will perfect your Navigation of Business. Leaving the conference with your plan for 2020 in hand and ready for full implementation!

Tuesday, Night Opportunity,
Pitch Perfect Workshop
Present your business pitch and receive feedback from the mentors on how to perfect your business pitch; which is a critical skill used to introduce your business.  This is an add-on option for General Admission Attendees.  This workshop is included in the Premium and VIP Admission tickets. 7pm Kick-Off

Wednesday, Day Opportunity,
Mentor Master Luncheon
Let’s hang out during our ninety-minute lunch.  Your luncheon includes catered lunch and the opportunity to create additional conference attendee relationships while talking with our mentors.  This is an add-on ticket for all admission levels and is not included with any ticket option.
12:30 pm Event

Thursday, VIP Opportunity,
Mentor Night Speed Round

Ever wish you had a chance to sit with a mentor from a conference?We have crafted opportunities for you to sit down 1 on 1 with the mentors! Our Mentor Speed Round Night gives you individual access like never before! Think speed-dating with a mentor! Only included in VIP tickets!
7pm Event Start

Additional Conference Opportunities

All Access Bundle
This add-on upgrades your ticket to include our Business Builder Kick-off, our Mentor Luncheon, our Closer Breakfast and our Virtual Access Pass.

Virtual Access Pass
Recorded and Edited Reference for all Keynotes and Speaker Session, available to all ticketed conference attendees; however, must be purchased prior to attending INSPIRE 2020.

Closer Breakfast
Join your host and wrap-up INSPIRE 2020 with us during a celebration breakfast.  This is a conference experience add-on ticket for all admission levels and is not included with any ticket option. 

We have pulled together 15 different speakers to deliver applicable business knowledge to every conference attendee! Kick-off the new decade with INSPIRE 2020!

ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED: In order to focus on forming deep connections and breaking through tough problems in your business,attendance is limited to 100 participants. Claim your one in one-hundred opportunity!

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