We started with an idea, how can we reach entrepreneurs? Who do we bring together to pour knowledge into this group and give them the tools to level up?
We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to INSPIRing you at our Business Conference.

Amy Wees

Co-Founder of Inspire Business
“Defining your Business & Vision”

Amy is an Expert Planner with 18 years military planning experience, she holds 3 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate Degrees. She is an Entrepreneur with 3 brands in the marketplace and more on the way, a Brand Builder, Inventor, and Patent holder. She’s a Teacher and Public
Speaker, Search Engine Optimization Expert and Copywriter.
She is passionate about teaching skills to entrepreneurs. Her goal is to discover your passion, build your confidence and help build a brand that will know your customers socks off!

Kristin Schulze

Co-Founder of Inspire Business
“Strategic Growth”

Kristin spent 20 years working and loving my jobs within hospitality. She’s been the person peeling the carrots, the person managing the carrot peeler, the business operator who did everything in-between.   In the corporate ladder she managed 70 accounts across 11 states and traveling 70% of the year; developing and implementing strategic five-year rolling plans that blended financial forecasting with marketing and growth. She came to a point that something had to change. 
She choose to have a small boutique of women’s clothing with a twist of household goods, she has found her passion of building entrepreneurs into their own greatness! 
She is an avid reader and loves the feel of printed books; a Master Swimmer training to compete in 2020; and loves being in the kitchen crafting meals that cause people to gather.    

Megan Walker

The Glue of INSPIRE
“Social Media Planning”

Creator of planning your social media marketing to leverage and achieve target drived results. How to say, What to say, When to say and understanding the annalitics to support your investment in time!

AJ Smit

The Registration Queen of INSPIRE
“Tending your Flame & Creating Sustainability”

Aj sparks imagination and joy through art, entertainment, and events. As a military spouse, she performs as a mermaid and also creates sacred spaces for women to flourish through Red Tents, retreats, and soul art workshops. Facilitating conversations in engaging ways, she helps people move embodied through to world- allowing them to show up for themselves and others. She lives in San Antonio, TX, with her husband Jeremy, two pups, a peace lily, and a bucket full of glitter for emergencies.

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